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    The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all

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    "One day it just gets better. There’s no explanation or reason why . You just wake up and you’re not angry anymore."
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    "Boy: I broke up with her.
    His Best Friend: What happened?
    Boy: She’s just too much for me.
    His Best Friend: What makes you say that? What did she do wrong?
    Boy: Well, for one.. She only cared about her appearance. Always had to look good, always took forever to get dressed! So insecure..
    His Best Friend: So, you broke her heart because she wanted to keep your eyes locked on her? She wanted you to see that you have the prettiest girl under your sleeve and not think otherwise? I see..
    Boy: Oh.. Well.. She’d often call me or text me asking where I am, who I’m with, telling me not to smoke, not to drink. She’s so clingy!
    His Best Friend: So, you broke her heart because she cares about your well being? Because she cares about you a lot? And her greatest fear is losing you. I see..
    Boy: But.. Uhh.. Well, she’d always cry when I say something slightly mean. She can’t handle anything. She’s a crybaby!
    His Best Friend: So, you broke her heart because she has feelings? And because she just wanted to hear you say you love her? I see..
    Boy: I.. Well! You know, she’d get jealous easily. I could barely talk to other girls! She’s so annoying! I had to hide it from her so she wouldn’t bitch about it.
    His Best Friend: So, you broke her heart because she just wanted you to commit to her? She thought you were faithful, but you lied so she could find out later and hurt even more? She just wanted the guy she loves the most to love only her. I see..
    Boy: Well, she..
    His Best Friend: You broke up with her because she’s good for you? She just wanted the best for you? She’s broken now because you were selfish. Are you proud?
    Boy: I broke her heart.. Because I couldn’t see what was happening.. What happened to me?
    His Best Friend: You lost the girl that loved you like no one else could. You see? You didn’t want her when all she ever wanted was you. THAT’S what happened."
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    "I don’t think there’s anything sadder than when two people are meant to be together and something intervenes."
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    "Do something instead of killing time, because time is killing you."
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    "Your body is the house you grew up in, how dare you try to burn it to the ground."
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    Exploring the Fallen Idols of Turkey’s Mount Nemrut

    For more photos and videos from Mount Nemrut, explore the Nemrut Dağı | Mount Nemrut location page.

    In the mountainous southeastern region of Turkey, one peak stands out above the rest. Nemrut Dağı, or Mount Nemrut, ascends over 7,000 feet (2,130 meters) into the sky, and at its peak explorers will find the scattered stone heads of what are thought to be ancient gods.

    After the fall of the Seleucid Empire in 190 BCE, a host of successors emerged throughout the region surrounding the Taurus mountains. One such successor state, Commagene, ruled over many diverse cultures and religions. Their leader, Antiochus I, brought these beliefs together into a single imperial cult. The monuments at the top of Mount Nemrut depict the various gods in a blend of regional artistic styles and are thought to have adorned the still-undiscovered tomb of Antiochus I.

    The statues lie toppled, defaced and strewn about the weathered mountaintop, suggesting that they were purposefully destroyed at the time of Commagene’s fall.

    The site was named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1987.

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    HULAOPS!: Bukannya kamu yang mulai →


    Bukannya km yg mulai yang ngomong aku suka kamu pada saat aku mulai ngerasain juga. Perlahan rasa itu berkembang jadi rasa yg tak biasa, aku selalu ingin memulai yg tak biasa juga. Bukannya km yg mulai ngajarin aku gimana yang namanya sayang, cinta? Gimana harusnya aku jadi percaya dan gimana…

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    Hrs bgtya ngerasa takut kehilangan seseorang yg jelas jelas gaakan pernah bisa dimilikkin?:’

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    "Dimana kamu bisa jadi diri kamu sendiri, disitulah ada kenyamanan"
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    "Setiap orang memiliki masa lalu. Tidak masalah jika itu baik atau buruk. Yang perlu kamu ingat mereka sudah tidak tinggal disana lagi."
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    Have you ever been in one of these moods where you just want to grab everything and break everything because feel broken and want scream and kick and cry because nothing feels right and it’s all wrong and I don’t know anymore:(

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